Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We’re young, we’re business-minded and we know how the web works. As graduate students who rely heavily on the web for entertainment and information gathering purposes, we’ve been exposed to our fair share of blogs: academic blogs, celebrity gossip blogs, company blogs, and even personal blogs. As more and more people are realizing, blogs are not a fad that will pass in the coming years. Blogs are here to stay. Our goal is to educate everyone and anyone on blogs, and specifically, the way they are utilized in the business and academic worlds.

In this blog we will explain what blogging is, illustrate the importance of blogs as a marketing and word of mouth tool, and provide examples of how companies use and respond to blogs both effectively and ineffectively. The most successful companies know what is being said about them and are able to respond to the general public via blogs (either their own blogs or other’s blogs). If managed well, blogs can be extremely beneficial to a company. But as you will see, companies do not always use blogging to the best of their abilities. After all, Bloggin’ Ain’t Easy.


Colleen Suljic said...

Your blog is excellent! My favorite part of a blog is being able to search for an answer. I used it the other day to solve a technology problem. It can be an amazing resource.

The CBOs (Chief Blog Officers) said...

Thanks Colleen! We appreciate your support. You are right on! A blog is often an excellent resource for solving problems and finding the answer to difficult questions.

Clarke said...

Read the whole set. There are some very smart insights (well written) as well as excellent references and examples. This blog has legs!